Comedy Juggler Michael Rosman performs his show Amazing Feats Of Comedy at special events all over the world.

Audiences love this show!

Get a Glimpse of the fun and see part of his David Letterman appearance by clicking on the promotional video tab.

Michael loves funny audiences. Here is your chance to heckle him online.

This picture was taken of Michael walking his tightwire over the audience at the Maryland Rennaisance Festival. People have been suggesting captions for it ever since the photographer gave it to Michael. Here is your chance. Some will be posted here time and space permitting.

The Ever So Popular

Winners of the Caption Contest:

"Looks like six more weeks of winter."
— Submitted by David Walbridge

"That's some balancing pole"
— Submitted by Mark McGuire

" Performing must be his way of compensating "
— Submitted by Dan Menendez

" Hey Midge, what do you think the circumference of that little sucker is? Aw heck, I think that's about a 3/8" cable. The hell with the wire, I'm talking about his (edited)."
— Submitted by Chris Allison

"I see the Moon and the Big Dipper"
--Submitted by the photographer who wishes to be anonymus

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