The “UnUsual” Shows!

We Know There’s Such a Thing as that.


You can be sure to be wowwed and entertained well!



Nothing but Laughs!

Where Every Show is New and Unusual!

Have You Ever Seen Someone Juggle a Chain Saw???  Your audience will be involved and engaged! Juggling and unicyling, unusual props, & magic all make hiring Michael Rosman to entertain you such a joy!

Squire of the Wire:

Comedy stunts, tight wire walking in a kilt! Can be Renaissance themed.


Professional Comedians infiltrate the wait staff at cocktail hours and dinners.  Hilarious, surprising, they make events fun and memorable.

Cirque Style Performances:

Either as a soloist, a company/cast member, or in Michael’s favorite ‘cirque style’ show Brian McNelis’s Cirque Voila. Performances with cigar boxes and tight wire set to music.

Themed Shows Michael Frequently Produces:

  • Western shows: Roping and Riding Cowboys, Native Americans, Petting animals, cowboy comedy, and more. 
  • Classic American Circus shows: Ring curbs, backdrops, music, classic American style circus acts! 
  • All-star Clown Show: A clown ensemble (3-5 performers)  led by a clown professor.  A hilarious educational show filled with clown antics loved by kids and their parents. 
  • Rosman and Rose: Michael’s newest show is a hilarious commentary on a good idea gone bad. Michael decided to hire an lovely assistant. “Sometimes help is the last thing you need!.” Check it out at!

International Performances, Military Entertaining, and Cruise Ships:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Nagasaki, Japan
  • Rijeka, Yugoslavia
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Singapore
  • Celebrity Cruise Lines
  • M.S. Galaxy
  • M.V. Zenith
  • M.V. Mercury
  • Holland-American Line
  • M.S. Nieuw Amsterdam
  • S.S. Rotterdam
  • M.S. Noordam
  • M.S. Maasdam
  • M.S. Westerdam
  • M.S. Volendam



  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • M.S. Dream
  • Orient Cruise Lines
    Marco Polo
  • Premier Cruises
  • S.S. Oceanic “The Big Red Boat”
  • Princess Cruises
  • M.V. Star Princess
  • M.V. Crown Princess
  • M.V. Grand Princess
  • M.V. Sun Princess
  • M.V. Ocean Princess
  • M.V. Dawn Princess
  • M.V. Golden Princess Island Princess
“It was great to see you so spontaneous.” Bruce Springsteen

“That was something!” David Letterman

“The best variety show in Atlantic City” Newark Star Ledger

Contact Michael Rosman

Home/Office – 410.833.6763

Cell – 410.627.0669