Michael Rosman Presents His

Amazing Feats of Comedy

Unique and Original Comedy Juggling, Magic, and Circus

Event Entertainment for Corporations and Festivals


Big Skills — big laughs!

Laughter makes it memorable…

Circus-skilled comedian Michael Rosman, is the performer you want for your audiences.

For more than 30 years, Michael has been providing smashingly successful comedy juggling shows for all types and sizes of events.

Using a balanced eclectic mix of original (and clean) comedy, breathtaking skills, and his endearingly dry, unassuming personality, Michael continuously surprises and astounds his audiences. Amazement and laughter are the results.

What You Can Expect Michael to Bring to Your Show?

Michael’s tools in his endless quest to entertain are props, such as bowling balls, blenders, juggling torches and knives, bull whips, 3’, 6’, and 9’ unicycles, strait jackets, ninjas, decks of cards, and lately a parking meter. And of course, very importantly, he loves to bring up on stage your willing and adoring audience members as volunteers.

So, if you are looking for a clean comedian for your next corporate event or party, hire the best! Your audiences will thank you.

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All Over The World


Michael has been fortunate to have been able to bring his comedy juggling to famous international cities and special, out-of-the-way, unknown hamlets all over the world, from corporate banquets in Singapore to a Bollywood Film set in Sri Lanka!

Michael has gone the extra mile to dazzle his clients.

He’s been to numerous countries, performed before thousands at corporate events, parties and social events, and is regularly sought after for his tremendous talent and entertainment ability. You won’t find another talent like Michael Rosman to wow your guests when you need a fantastic entertainer!

A partial list of faraway great places Michael has performed would include:


  • Amsterdam
  • Alaska
  • Aruba
  • Germany
  • Paris
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • San Juan, PR
  • Tokyo
  • Yugoslavia (prior to the breakup of the country)
  • As well as on major cruise lines all over the world’s oceans!

“It was great to see you so spontaneous.”

(After the airline lost Michael’s props prior to his second performance at Bruce’s home!)

Bruce Springsteen

“That was something!”

(Michael has also appeared on Jay Leno, Wendy Williams, and others!)

David Letterman

“The best variety show in Atlantic City”


(Michael’s Comedy was called clearly the highlight!)

Newark Star Ledger