The Stage Truck

Welcome to The Stage Truck…The mid-atlantic region’s most fun and easily set up entertainment venue.


Nothing but Laughs!




The Unique and Unusual!

While these performances are unique and unusual in nature, that doesn’t mean Michael doesn’t do them often!

What is The Stage Truck? 

TheStageTruck is a 1993 Chevy P30 step van with a 6’ x 12’ stage built onto the side that drops down into place with a wireless remote controlled electric winch in 60 seconds.

Professionally wired with a circuit breaker box and numerous outlets, the truck can be powered by a standard 110 outlet or by the whisper-quiet generator that travels with it. The truck has stage windows and doors, and an interior dressing room with plumbing.


Where did it come from?

Michael was truck shopping in Miami when his buddy and fellow circus performer/producer, Paul Anderson, told Michael to stop truck shopping and swing by. Paul had a stage truck he was looking to part with because his wife hated having it in the driveway. Michael took one look at it and said, “No way, that’s ridiculous… and I don’t need it.” But, Paul insisted and a week later, Michael was driving the “Big Mac” from Miami to Baltimore.

Why the nickname “Big Mac”? Because, prior to Paul owning it, this truck was a custom-made Ronald McDonald show truck designed by Dave McGehee, which transported and presented Ronald McDonald for thousands of shows. Now, we drive TheStageTruck, TheGradMobile, TheSantaMobile, TheStageTruck Circus, and the truck in other custom designed formats.