The “Usual” Shows!

If there is such a thing.


Nothing but Laughs!

The Usual Shows (if there is such a thing!!)


  • Solo Shows: Michael presents the best material for your audience from his extensive repertoire of skilled comedy routines. 
  • Cirque or Classic American Circus:  Ring curbs, backdrops, music, European stage, Cirque or classic American style circus acts all come together for your custom ensemble.  You can decide on the number of acts, what they do, and how long the show should be.
  • Rosman and Rose: Michael’s newest show is a hilarious commentary on a good idea gone bad. Michael decided to hire an lovely assistant. “Sometimes help is the last thing you need!.” Check it out at!
  • Limited Pandemic Time Only Offering!  While Michael’s two grown kids are home due to the pandemic, Michael is offering the 3 performer show they did for years called Motion Mayhem.  Michael’s kids performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as amazingly talented young jugglers and have improved while growing up.  This 3 person show features top notch precision juggling, stunts and comedy all at the level that only a family could develop over years of growing and performing together.

Boutique Circus Troupes for:

-Cirque Style Shows

-Traditional Amercian Circus Performances


Need an event that’s tailor-made for your company or organization, that’s not only unique for your work but also incredibly entertaining and specific to your industry?

Let Michael tailor his comedy and stunts specifically for your company or organization. The show will be both entertaining and specific to your industry.

We provide customized (industry/client specific) comedy, balancing stunts, juggling and unicycling, unusual props, magic, and audience participation.

Cruise ships:


Interactive Multimedia comedy routines, comedy stunts, juggling and unicycling, unusual props, magic and audience participation

“All I can say is WOW!! You really dazzle the audience. The woman next to me almost had a seizure laughing so hard.”

  • Sara Fort
    Passenger on Celebrity Galaxy

Colleges and Universities:


Chain Saw juggling, 6’ and 9’ Unicycles, comedy stunts, bullwhips, blenders, and audience participation.  More than just watching an “act” perform, Michael Rosman, will keep your audience engaged because the audience becomes a part of the show!  You can expect students to be chosen to participate with Michael, in what promises to be sure-fire hilarity!

Festivals, Resorts, & Family Shows

Comedy stunts, 3’, 6’ 9’ unicycles, lots of audience participation including children volunteers!

International Performances, Military Entertaining, and Cruise Ships:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Nagasaki, Japan
  • Rijeka, Yugoslavia
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Singapore
  • Celebrity Cruise Lines
  • M.S. Galaxy
  • M.V. Zenith
  • M.V. Mercury
  • Holland-American Line
  • M.S. Nieuw Amsterdam
  • S.S. Rotterdam
  • M.S. Noordam
  • M.S. Maasdam
  • M.S. Westerdam
  • M.S. Volendam



  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • M.S. Dream
  • Orient Cruise Lines
    Marco Polo
  • Premier Cruises
  • S.S. Oceanic “The Big Red Boat”
  • Princess Cruises
  • M.V. Star Princess
  • M.V. Crown Princess
  • M.V. Grand Princess
  • M.V. Sun Princess
  • M.V. Ocean Princess
  • M.V. Dawn Princess
  • M.V. Golden Princess Island Princess
“It was great to see you so spontaneous.”
Bruce Springsteen

“That was something!”
David Letterman

“The best variety show in Atlantic City”
Newark Star Ledger