The “UnUsual” Shows!

We Know There’s Such a Thing as that.


Nothing but Laughs!

The Unique and Unusual!

While these performances are unique and unusual in nature, that doesn’t mean michael does do them often!

Wire Walking

Michael loves Wire Walking!!! He is self-taught but has workshopped numerous times with the Wallendas at their compound in Sarasota, FL. Michael is unique in that he can wire walk in swim fins, high heels or while the wire is on FIRE! He is comfortable walking directly over the audience and at various different heights. Michael has various types of rigging that can be used including a self-supporting, free-standing rig that can be used in any venue safely and easily.


Michael’s troupe of professional comedians infiltrate the wait staff at cocktail hours and dinners.  Hilarious and surprising, they make events fun and memorable.

Themed Shows Michael Frequently Produces:

  • Western Skills:  Michael not only traveled with numerous western cultural shows, he studied and trained with the real cowboys on these tours and now is always eager to break out his spinning ropes, bull whips, and throwing knives. And not just to show you his western skills in his funny and creative way, but we think also as an excuse to put hat and boots on.

  • Hermit Crab Racing:  Looking for a fun non-stage activity?  Let us set up hermit crab racing!  Your guests crowded around the table will like the “fast” action of the crabs racing towards the finish line and they will love Michael’s hilarious direction of the proceedings. Guests can take hermit crabs, crab food and habitats home with them after the event.

International Performances, Military Entertaining, and Cruise Ships:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Nagasaki, Japan
  • Rijeka, Yugoslavia
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Singapore
  • Celebrity Cruise Lines
  • M.S. Galaxy
  • M.V. Zenith
  • M.V. Mercury
  • Holland-American Line
  • M.S. Nieuw Amsterdam
  • S.S. Rotterdam
  • M.S. Noordam
  • M.S. Maasdam
  • M.S. Westerdam
  • M.S. Volendam



  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • M.S. Dream
  • Orient Cruise Lines
    Marco Polo
  • Premier Cruises
  • S.S. Oceanic “The Big Red Boat”
  • Princess Cruises
  • M.V. Star Princess
  • M.V. Crown Princess
  • M.V. Grand Princess
  • M.V. Sun Princess
  • M.V. Ocean Princess
  • M.V. Dawn Princess
  • M.V. Golden Princess Island Princess

"It was great to see you so spontaneous."

(After the airline lost Michael's props prior to his second performance at Bruce's home!)

Bruce Springsteen

"That was something!"

(Michael has also appeared on Jay Leno, Wendy Williams, and others!)

David Letterman

"The best variety show in Atlantic City"


(Michael's Comedy was called clearly the highlight!)

Newark Star Ledger