the stage truck circus


With its dropdown stage and roof-based tightwire, TheStageTruck Circus becomes not only the circus venue, but a prop in the show itself. Michael routinely walks a tightwire off of the roof of the truck, making it not just a stage, but also officially a circus rigging vehicle. This tightwire is approximately 10′ above ground (especially if the truck’s tires are fully inflated) and is usually 30′-40′ long depending on the setting.

Boutique circuses (custom shows designed for each client) are our specialty. Decide how long the show should be, how many performers, what skills they present, and even name the show as you see fit!

Our performers are happy to present their skills in either the modern ‘Cirque’ style or the more traditional American Circus style.

TheStageTruck Circus has had repeat client performances in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York, all since being relocated to the Mid-Atlantic region from Florida in 2017.